Cerberus ADSL Services

Cerberus ADSL2+ Protocol / EncapsulationPPPoA / VCMUX
Cerberus ADSL2+VPI/ VCI0/38

DNS Caching Servers for Connectivity Services

DNS Server 1 (for broadband services)
DNS Server 2 (for broadband services)

Mail Relay for Connectivity Services

SMTP Relay Server (out - for broadband services)smtp3.cerberusmail.co.uk
SMTP Relay Server (out - Authenticated)smtp.cerberusmail.co.uk

Monitoring and Reporting for Connectivity Services

NetSTATS Line Monitoringhttp://nc2.cerberusnetworks.co.uk/

Hosted Application Services - General

eCloudServ Control Panel

Hosted Application Services - MyCloud Exchange

Inbound Mail Server MX (using CerberusMail Filtering)
Inbound Mail Server MX (using CerberusMail Filtering)
Inbound Mail Server MX (using MyCloud SMTP 2.0)mf1.ecloudserv.net
Inbound Mail Server MX (using MyCloud SMTP 2.0)mf2.ecloudserv.net
Inbound Mail Server (using own filtering)
SPF DNS TXT Record For eCloudServ Hosted Mailv=spf1 a:spf.ecloudserv.net -all
Exchange POP3 Serverexchange.ecloudserv.net - Port 995 - SSL Encryption
Exchange IMAP Serverexchange.ecloudserv.net - Port 993 - SSL Encryption
Exchange SMTP Server (Outbound - Authenticated)mail.ecloudserv.net - Port 587 - SSL/TLS Encryption
Exchange AutodiscoverCreate a CNAME record in your DNS zone as follows:
autodiscover.mydomainname.com > discover.ecloudserv.net
Exchange Webmailhttps://exchange.ecloudserv.net
Exchange PST Import Serverftp://expst03.ecloudserv.net

Hosted Application Services - MyCloud SFB

SFB Server
sip.ecloudserv.net:443 - TLS Encryption

Hosted Application Services - MyCloud DNS Services

Authoritative DNS Server 01ns10.ecloudserv.net
Authoritative DNS Server 02ns11.ecloudserv.net
Authoritative DNS Server 03ns12.ecloudserv.net
Authoritative DNS Server 04ns13.ecloudserv.net

Hosted Application Services - MyCloud Web Hosting

Web Server FTP IIS03
Web Server FTP IIS04iis04.ecloudserv.net

Cerberus MyCloud SMTP 2.0 

MyCloud SMTP 2.0 Control Panel
MyCloud SMTP 2.0 SMTP (Outbound - Authenticated)mf.ecloudserv.net - Port 25 - TLS Encryption
MyCloud SMTP 2.0 Inbound Mail Servermf1.ecloudserv.net
MyCloud SMTP 2.0 Inbound Mail Servermf2.ecloudserv.net
MyCloud SMTP 2.0 SPF DNS TXT Recordv=spf1 a:spf.ecloudserv.net -all

CerberusMail Services – POP, IMAP and SMTP Email

CerberusMail Control Panel - Admin Level
CerberusMail Control Panel - User Level
Embedded Outlook Admin - User Level
CerberusMail POP3
CerberusMail IMAPimap.cerberusmail.co.uk
CerberusMail SMTPsmtp.cerberusmail.co.uk - Authentication required
CerberusMail Webmailhttp://webmail.cerberusmail.co.uk
CerberusMail Inbound Mail Servera.mail.cerberusmail.co.uk
CerberusMail Inbound Mail Serverb.mail.cerberusmail.co.uk

MyCloud Computing

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