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Hardware Considerations

  • Openreach will install an ONT (Optical Network Termination) device at your premises.

  • The ONT device must be connected to your router’s WAN port via an ethernet cable.

  • Please note that your router will require a WAN port capable of supporting PPPoE.

  • For FTTP services above 100Mbps, you will require a Gigabit WAN port on your router and sufficient router performance in order to support the full speed of your connection.

Generic Router Settings

  • PPP Username & password: This will be provided in your Cerberus documentation.

  • MTU: 1492

  • VLANs: It is not necessary to apply any VLANs in order to establish your FTTP internet connection.

  • IPv4 Address: Please do not manually enter an IP addresses on the WAN interface of your router as this should be automatically picked up via the PPP connection.

  • IPv6 Considerations: In addition to your public IPv4 address, we will automatically provide you with a /56 IPv6 subnet.

  • DNS Servers: These will be obtained automatically as part of the PPP connection. Our public DNS servers are as follows:

    • IPv4: and
    • IPv6: 2a01:5d00:0:40::3 and 2a01:5d00:0:41::3

For further advice and assistance, please contact our 24/7 support team:


Live chat:

-Please select the ‘Get in touch’ option at the top-right corner of the main webpage.

Phone: 0345 257 1335

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